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Our service department has got some of the most talented and dedicated people in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. They're highly trained in the art of refrigeration repair and capable of working on the sealed system or any electrical problems that may occur in a refrigerated device. We pride ourselves in the fact that we regularly attend factory seminars put on by some of our best suppliers. Ice machines in particular fall into this category, we attend those yearly.

We spend most of our time fixing small problems that crop up every now and then. We find bad fan motors, bad temperature controls, defrost timers, relays and switches. Each service truck has a goodly selection of the items that are most common to failure. So, for the small problems it's generally a quick process to get you back on line and cooling again. Then there's the dreaded compressor failure, most of which are completely preventable by simply taking the time to clean the condenser regularly. The condenser is the finned coil close to the compressor. Get to know it and clean it, regularly.

Here's Dave doing his
best as always.

Refrigerant leaks also deserve a word too. We generally bump into two kinds 1) a rub through: this is caused by vibration where a copper line is worn away little by little until the refrigerant leaks out. 2) corrosion: this type of leak is usually caused by the acids given off by the food that is stored inside. These acids attack the copper tubing in the evaporator (inside coil) and cause pitting until finally a leak occurs. This is an excellent reason to cover all your containers and prevent these acids from becoming airborne and attacking critical parts inside the cooler. Freezers seldom have this problem since the acids are frozen and remain trapped in the product however they do frost pinch once in a while causing a leak and are also subject to a rub through just like a cooler is.

Ice machines are an animal all to themselves. They develop a completely different set of problems, generally speaking, than anything else in your kitchen. This is why all of our people, including office staff, attend a minimum of 3 schools yearly on ice machines alone. The new machines that we sell have circuitry sophisticated enough to control a small nuclear power plant. They also have sizable horsepower and generally run more than anything else in you establishment, they just plain work hard day in and day out and once in a while they fail. When they do, call us and we'll get you back on the line and making ice the same day.

Look closely at the two pictures to the left and guess which one is our actual dispatcher. If you guessed the competent looking young lady in the near picture you are totally incorrect. However, if you guessed Fred in the far picture (who is just as competent) you would be absolutely correct. No prizes are available for a right answer and as you can see he has his own unique filing (or should I say piling) system.

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