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Copeland Refrigeration Products


Copeland provides a full range of condensing units for any application both commercial and industrial use. The unit shown to the left is part of the System Pro line of refrigeration units. They feature a welded or hermetic reciprocating compressor, low pressure control, pre-wired and can be used where price and a small foot print are a factor.


These small to medium sized refrigeration condensing units (1/6 to
5 hp) can provide cooling for most commercial reach-in refrigerators or freezers as well as applications for small to medium sized walk-in coolers or freezers. This may be the most comprehensive line of condensing units in the U.S. today. Commonly known as the F-line of condensing units.


This is the Copeland Convertible meaning its suitable for use indoors or out. We just add a doghouse for applications outside. Commonly known as the V-line and suitable for use with most medium to large walk-in coolers/freezers. It also will work exceptionally well for industrial applications such as water chillers and large air dryers. Also if you look closely, you can see this unit is equipped with the new Compliant Scroll compressor. This device has started a veritable revolution in terms of reliability and energy savings. You can read more about this remarkable technology and how it works below.

fig 2

fig 1

fig 3

fig 4


Copeland has invented the most ingenious device for pumping refrigerant. Its utterly simple and remarkable efficient. Here's how it works. Notice in fig 1 the shape of a scroll and then in fig 3 the actual production components in the form of a scroll also, they nestle together as indicated by fig 2. Now picture the larger portion being held stationary while the smaller one moves around an offset back and forth, it doesn't spin, it wobbles. The refrigerant enters the outer rim and reaches maximum compression at the center and is then released through a discharge port in one smooth quiet motion. Now, the big deal is this, NO VALVES TO GO BAD ( there aren't any) and it will survive far longer during a malfunction or during other extremes like -30F or +100F. This is one tough little critter and a truly great design!
The factory production statistics say they have produced 26 million of these so far over the last 12 years, that's more than enough to know that these compressors are rock solid and perform as stated. Did I mention that they are quiet too.

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